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Long-term Care & Medicaid Planning

Americans are living longer, and the demand for medical assistance has increased. Often the need for long-term care such as assisted living and nursing home care is thought of when it is too late. Planning for long-term care at an early age is critical.

If an individual cannot ‘private pay’ or does not have long-term care insurance, Medicaid will cover certain medical costs. Planning ahead creates a financially sound plan to cover for late in life medical needs and protect your beneficiaries’ assets and financial assets.

We provide guidance and take care to explain all options available to you for Long-term Care and Medicaid Planning.

Medicaid Planning is a component of long-term care planning. Most Americans will need long-term care at some point, and the costs are very high. Medicaid will pay for some long-term care. But be mindful, there are strict asset and income limitations. The balance comes between preserving your assets and qualifying for Medicaid.

Eligibility Rules

Transfer Rules

Planning options

Use of Trusts

Razzano Law provides guidance based on years of experience and a keen understanding of the long-term care and Medicaid planning process. We offer free consultations virtually by video conference or by phone, in addition to traditional in-person meetings at our offices in Albany and Clifton Park.

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